Crisis Management Education

A Flexible Option

Murphy Solution delivers crisis management education designed for individuals and corporate teams to build competency in navigating crises with confidence.

Adaptive Learning Experience

Our flexible digital platform allows for self-paced study, complete with a wealth of resources and interactive live sessions, ensuring seamless integration into your professional routine.

Earn Certifications

Elevate your professional profile with Murphy Solution certifications, affirming your expertise in crisis management.

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Course normally priced at £545, saving you hundreds of pounds.

What do I get?

  • Access to Murphy Academy for 12 months – Live Online Training
  • Experienced instructors from various industries, including blue light and military
  • 20 hours of live training over seven courses
  • Two certifications
  • Possibility to choose the time that suits you
  • Access to our rich library of pre-recorded material


At Murphy Solution, we understand the unique needs of organisations when it comes to Crisis Management. Our education platform offers comprehensive courses explicitly tailored to your requirements. Whether you are an individual looking to enhance your crisis management skills or a company seeking to strengthen your crisis response team, our courses are designed to equip you with the knowledge and tools necessary for success.

Flexible Learning Options

Gone are the days of fixed training schedules. Our digital platform lets you learn at your own pace and convenience. Access our rich library of materials, join live sessions, and complete your training whenever it suits you best. Say goodbye to disruptions and seamlessly integrate your crisis management education into your busy schedule.

Instructor Expertise

Craig Sumner, our academy lead, steers our program. His military communications and crisis management career embodies the depth of knowledge and leadership that defines Murphy Solution’s excellence. Our partners and guest instructors are all leaders in their field; as ex-military and blue light services, the Murphy Academy blends a full spectrum of expertise.

Certification and Recognition

Upon completing the modules, participants will receive certifications that underscore their crisis management and operational leadership expertise.

  • Crisis Management Foundations

  • Crisis Management Team Member Assured

These certifications testify to their capability and dedication to maintaining high-performance standards in complex and demanding environments.

Course Modules

Module 1 – “Crisis Management Foundations” consists of 6 hours of live training

  • Level 1 – Crisis Management, 2 hours
  • Level 2 – Crisis Management, 2 hours
  • Level 2 – Minute Operations Management, 2 hours

Module 2 – “Crisis Management Team Member” consists of an additional 4 hours of live training

  • Earn the Crisis Management Foundations Certiciate
  • Level 1 – Communications, 2 hours
  • Level 3 – Decision Making, 2 hours

Endorsements and Partnerships

Our training program is highly regarded by veterans’ organisations and professionals who have successfully transitioned to civilian careers. In partnership with The Forces Transition Group Community, we have successfully trained over 200 persons in 2023 alone.

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