LinkedIn MC – NOV ’23

The event is finished.


23 Nov 2023


1:00 pm

FTG Online Job Fairs

Another fabulous opportunity to attend an FTG Online Job Fair where you get the chance to review up to 12 employers who have immediate and future career opportunities.

These potential employers already understand the immense benefits of hiring ex-Forces personnel and are actively looking for the transferable skills you have. You can direct message any of the employers during their 10 minute presentation, and ask questions after their presentation. It’s live and interactive. They will also give you their personal contact details so you can progress the conversation after the Online Jobs Fair.

It’s a relaxed atmosphere and no pressure either way.

Even if you’ve not made the decision to leave the Forces yet, FTG Online Job Fairs are a great way to research ‘what’s out there’ as you start to form your ideas of what you would like to do in the future and plan your transitioning journey.

FTG Hunters Club

The Hunters Club is designed around the Transition Curve, it’s a low-key cup of coffee to allow any issues to surface and those attending to discuss current problems being faced, within a safe environment.

It’s no holds barred, any points can be raised and there will be a special guest or two too add value to everything that is discussed

LinkedIn Masterclass with John Stephenson

Get you LinkedIn profile fighting fit and ready to help you get that next career step you deserve.

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