Scrum Alliance Verified Scrum Foundations

Scrum Alliance Verified Scrum Foundations

• March 16th 2023 
• 1 Day Remote Training Course
• £552 incVAT

So what is Agile?

Agile is a methodology and mindset, commonly compared to Project Management, which is used to approach complex problems. It promotes a high-performance culture that celebrates creativity, collaboration, and the intention to produce the most valuable product and/or service for customers. It delivers better products faster and cheaper. Agile is best used when operating in Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) environments where it is impossible to know all the variables up front, and business agility is essential to thriving. Businesses like Agility because it equips them with the mindset, culture and capability to be able to adapt and “turn on a dime, for a dime”.

Who uses Agile?

The British Army is Agile in some areas. Almost every large organisation you can think of also uses the Agile approach. You have probably demonstrated Agile values and practices and are likely to have more transferable skills than you think. Agile is the current leading enabling force behind the mission to transform businesses to become truly value-driven, people-orientated, 21st-century modern workplaces.

What is this course?

As more organisations adopt Agile transformation, it’s essential to introduce staff to the benefits of how self-organising teams deal with complex problems. This is where the Scrum Alliance Scrum Foundations course comes in. This introductory course exposes newcomers to the principles of Scrum, including the ideas, language, and elements of the framework – a perfect first step in one’s Agile journey.

This 1-day course provides an initial overview of Agile, before moving on to cover the existing Scrum Foundations Learning Objectives that are aligned with the most recent Scrum Guide. This is an affordable, scalable, and customisable offering taught by highly skilled instructors validated by the Scrum Alliance.

What’s in it for me?

So, Agile is, therefore, a very exciting area to consider your next career move into, with plenty of opportunities available, especially for Forces leavers that typically inherently demonstrate Agile values and principles well. This course – led by Service Leaver turned Agile Coach & Trainer John Spruce – will provide you with an overview of Agile & Scrum (the leading framework within Agile).

What Will You Learn on the Introduction Course?

The Online Introduction to Agile and Scrum course aims to provide a fast-track path to understanding Agile and Scrum.

It prepares participants to be part of or to interact with Scrum teams. During the day we look at the fundamental concepts behind Agile and Scrum and tackle some of the jargon.

Topics include:

  • Agile Manifesto and Values
  • The Principles behind the Manifesto
  • The Scrum Framework
  • Scrum Roles, Events and Artefacts
  • How Sprints work
  • Separating the myths from the facts
  • Real world examples from an instructor with more than 15 years of experience

What Will You Get?

You will also receive:

  • A 1 day immersive online learning experience facilitated by a highly respected trainer
  • Access to all course materials to download
  • Participants will also be eligible for 8 Scrum Education Units® (SEU’s)
  • The Verified Scrum Foundations Digital Badge (to share on your social networks, allowing you to show your achievement in this course)
  • Self-Paced Assessment Tool, to help you assess your foundational Scrum knowledge and review key Scrum concepts
  • 3 months’ free membership to the Scrum Alliance

    Who Should Attend the Introduction to Agile and Scrum course?

    The course is aimed at those completely new to the principles and practices of Agile and Scrum, including the ideas, language, and elements of the framework.

    This is the perfect first step in your Agile journey.

    There are no prerequisites for this course but the below will help you prepare…

    How should you prepare for this course?

    There are no formal pre-reading requirements for this course, however, delegates may find it useful to familiarise themselves with key Scrum terms and definitions, as described in the Scrum Guide (

    An online, as well as downloadable pdf version (, of the Scrum Guide is available.

    What about certification?

    By completing this course, participants will earn a Scrum Alliance Scrum Foundations Verified Badge of completion that validates their knowledge about the fundamental elements of Scrum. There is no exam associated with this course.

    Daily Training Schedule

    For a reminder of the respective training date/s, and start / finish times – please refer back to your Course Registration email.

    Please join the online course 15 minutes before the scheduled start time. This will allow you the time to get yourself settled, and set up using the technology, so that the course can begin promptly.

    We will take plenty of breaks throughout the training, however it is also important that you look after yourself and let the group know if you need to take a break.

    Course Pre-Reading

    Prior to attending the course, please familiarise yourself with key Scrum terms and definitions (as described in the Scrum Guide and Scrum Foundations video), as well as the principles and values of Agile – all of which can be found via the following links:

    Online Training Set-up & Etiquette

    You must use a PC / Laptop when attending this Live Online Training course. The use of tablets, smart phones etc are not suitable for this training as you will not be able to undertake the required interactive exercises.

    Furthermore, if you are undertaking this course alongside any colleagues – then it’s essential that you each use your own individual PC / Laptop (ie 1 device per attendee), and that you are each located in separate rooms throughout the online course. This is vital, otherwise you will not be able to participate in the required training exercises and group discussions.

    We also recommend you arrange the following before joining the course:

    • Headphones, a headset or a quiet room from which to attend the course.
    • Audio with the ability to speak to and hear each other in the class over Zoom (please test this before the course).
    • A front-facing camera so that everyone in the class can see you. Please test this before the course.
    • We recommend your bandwidth should be able to support video conference calls with video enabled and without experiencing audio or video breaking up.
    • A PDF reader so you can view the online course manual.
    • Pen and notepad.

    We ask that you follow the points below to ensure that the course can run smoothly:

    • Try and find a quiet room if possible (avoiding any common rooms in the house so that others in the class are not distracted by people in the background).
    • Please leave your video on during the course.
    • Dress code – what you feel most comfortable in. Please note that all attendees will be visible via video.
    • We will start together and finish together.
    • Please avoid arranging meetings or calls for the duration of the course; there is a lot to get through and we would prefer that you don’t miss anything
    Preparing to use Zoom

    Please note that Zoom will be used throughout the delivery of the Live Online Training course – and is therefore a requirement for online attendance. 

    Please install a FREE Zoom desktop client here:

    Please do not use the web version of Zoom as it is not fully functional. If you already have Zoom please update to the latest version so, as to improve your experience. We encourage you to have your camera on whenever possible as this increases the connection between the group. However, we understand there might be some times where this is not suitable


    To ensure smooth participation in the training session we have created a brief introduction to all common functionality. 


    Please do check that you have access to Zoom before your course starts since its use is critical to the delivery of the course.

    Following recent experience delivering training via Zoom to a number of companies, we understand that Zoom may not be as easily accessible for some as for other participants. 

    Your company may not enable you to download the Zoom app, and, if not, you may need to connect via your browser. We know that some organisations are still using Internet Explorer (which has not been supported by Microsoft since 2016). The browsers that we know do work are Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

    Preparing to use Miro

    The online whiteboard and collaboration platform Miro will also be used for this online training course.

    Miro is a fantastic tool that will be used for group collaboration on many of the interactive activities during the course. It is a useful platform that allows for the whole training group to be involved in activities at the same time, and helps to replicate the teamwork exercises.

    Miro Demo Videos

    Please watch the two short videos below to learn some of the basics of Miro in preparation for the training.

    Course Attendance and VSF Certification

    In order to be eligible for the Scrum Alliance Verified Scrum Foundations® (VSF) accreditation, you must attend each day of the course in full and participate actively in the training programme. Video participation is required and it is not expected that you will arrange meetings during the training. 

    However, If you have unavoidable commitments, such as childcare or home-schooling, then, in exceptional circumstances, and if only a small part of the training is missed, we may be able to help. Please contact your trainer to discuss further.

    By completing this course, you will earn a Scrum Foundations certificate of completion that validates your knowledge about the fundamental elements of Scrum, as outlined in the Scrum Foundations Learning Objectives. Certificate holders will also become a Scrum Alliance member.  

    A digital badge will be available that you may add to your LinkedIn and other social media platforms. Finally, you may take an optional assessment to demonstrate your newfound knowledge of Scrum and agile.


    In order to register your attendance, the Scrum Alliance requires your consent for us to share your personal data with them. This will be requested via an online feedback form following the completion of your course. 

    Please see the Scrum Alliance Inc. Privacy Policy to see how they collect and use personal data.

    Scrum Alliance Verified Scrum Foundations

    Scrum Alliance Verified Scrum Foundations

    • March 16th 2023 
    • 1 Day Remote Training Course
    • £552 incVAT