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Welcome to the FTG Shine A Light Initiative

Welcome to the FTG Shine A Light Initiative from the Forces Transition Group, a sanctuary for service leavers and blue light leavers confronting life’s toughest challenges.This initiative is led by Maurice Hepworth, a former Sunderland footballer whose promising career was cut short by injury. Maurice has faced profound personal hardships, including battling cancer and enduring family tragedy. Through sharing his own journey of resilience and hope, Maurice aims to provide a supportive space where you can share your stories, fears, and worries with someone who truly understands. Whether you’re dealing with suicide, mental health struggles, financial worries, or any other issues, we are here to help you find strength, understanding, and a sense of community.

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Our Mission

At the FTG Shine A Light Initiative, we believe that no one should face their challenges alone. Our mission is to provide a compassionate and understanding environment where you can express your feelings and experiences without judgment. Maurice’s story is a testament to the power of resilience and the importance of sharing one’s journey. By connecting with others who have faced similar struggles, you can find solace, strength, and a path forward. Our initiative covers a wide range of issues, from PTSD and anxiety to financial worries and grief. We are committed to helping you find your voice, your story, and the support you need to navigate life’s difficulties.

Join our community today and take the first step towards healing and finding hope. You are not alone.

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We understand that reaching out for help can be a daunting step, but it’s a courageous one. Maurice is here to listen, support, and guide you through your struggles. Whether you prefer to speak over the phone or communicate via email, we’re ready to hear from you. Don’t hesitate to get in touch; your story matters, and we are here to help.

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