LinkedIn Interactive Masterclass


Learning outcomes:

  • How to navigate LinkedIn and find potential career paths
  • Guidance on how to enhance your LinkedIn Profile to get you noticed
  • Looking at your transferable skills and how to translate them
  • Connection strategies, who should you connect with and how do you
    grow that link into a powerful connection
  • How to use your personal network to grow your career

Networking ‘Do you have a Brand?’

Networking is the most under valued and under used asset available to service personnel, leavers and veterans. Over 95% of those that the FTG work with, come with a negative alignment to social media and have zero Brand at all.

Through LinkedIn Interactive Masterclasses booked below in one hour we can change this with you. Confidence is the key here, making positive banners, photos, optimisation titles and about sections will encourage headhunters to come to you, this could be a very valuable source.

These sessions are ran every month and instant feedback will be given live on the platform, giving you the ability to move forward quickly and effectively.

LinkedIn Brand is not difficult, but you must embrace it and become ‘comfortable being uncomfortable’, once you accept this, you will thrive.

As always, could you please make sure you attend 5 minutes before (military style), but if you cannot make the session for whatever reason, please let us know soonest. It is also worth noting down a few questions you perhaps want to ask, as a Q and A is always welcomed throughout and after the event and if you can, it is great to see happy smiling faces on our screens, don’t hide away it enhances your elevation

John Hawker – From Invisible to Irresistible

Recruiter, Maker of Matches, Hunter of Heads and Podcast Host John Hawker has written a playbook designed specifically for people looking to land a job or win work on LinkedIn.

‘Invisible to Irresistible’ outlines eeeeeverything you need to know to give yourself the best chance of being seen by the right clients, recruiters and hiring managers.

It’s a step by step guide that will ensure each section of your profile is optimised and that you’re left with an understanding of how to leverage LinkedIn to promote yourself or your business.

Click the image to the right to download John Hawker’s free playbook then find and follow him on LinkedIn.

Just attend the class, stop being in the shadows, stop listening to all your serving colleagues telling you’ll be aright!

Just attend and learn. NETWORK, is your key to a successful transition. Embrace the change!  Learn and connect with people that interest you.

It’s a sweetie shop! Go for it! And pick what you like. It’s has transformed my transition.  I have made some amazing connections   And now have some outstanding mentors. The veteran community is amazing.  Always on hand to give you the right advice!  As they are now in a place you want to be and have been through whatever you are feeling right now.

I’ve gone from a couple of connections to nearly a thousand! 

Amazing! Embrace LinkedIn, use it!  

Richard Galvin

British Army

I recently created a LinkedIn profile to help me on my resettlement journey. However, I had no idea how to use the site to it’s full potential.

That’s where FTG came in. I was strongly recommended by friends, to speak to John Stephenson. After reaching out, I was invited to attended an online LinkedIn master class, hosted by himself and Trish Mullen.

The masterclass was brilliant and I learned a lot about how to use LinkedIn. John and Trish have a lot of knowledge and experience they are kindly willing to share, and I would highly recommend attending one of their classes.

Oliver Brookes

Royal Navy

As a service leaver who is 12 months out from leaving the military, I have found John and the FTG a great source of help and support, more than any other available to me. 

In particular the LinkedIn Masterclass has been a gamechanger for me.  Because of this training I have been able to build a network of likeminded people who are working in the industry I want to move into and who are more than willing to offer advice.  It is also a platform where I can reach out to veterans who have been where I am and are a great source of support and will always help as much as they can.

This along with the Hunter club gives me the feeling that I am not alone in this journey, (there are many others like me and is a process we all must go through in the military) the confidence to own my resettlement and have the knowledge that John and the FTG are always there if needed.

Anthony Grimes


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