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  • Low cost entry fee
  • Exclusive access to a forces-leavers audience
  • Guaranteed high calibre individuals
  • Audience totally focussed on your presentation
  • Instant access to interested potential employees
  • Free presentation assistance to enhance your pitch

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A few words from FTG Partners…

Colas Rail

“Colas Rail have attended a number of Job Fairs to support the FTG and importantly to support the amazing men and women of or Armed Forces. We have had an amazing response following the job fairs, with well over 150 potential candidates getting in touch. This has resulted in interviews and offers of employment. Without the amazing work of the Forces Transition Group we would have missed the opportunity to meet and interview some amazing people. Colas Rail is proud to support our Armed Forces and proud to support Forces Transition Group.”

– Christopher PUGH | Senior Trainer/Assessor – Services Colas Rail


“It’s safe to say it was a resounding success and all of the Biffa team who attended had a great day meeting the candidates and seeing the process in action.

We’ve had some amazing levels of feedback from candidates who may never have considered their future in the circular economy.

I wanted to thank you personally, you could see the level of thought and effort that had been put into the planning and execution of the day. Amazing, you should be extremely proud of the work you’re doing for service leavers.”

Damien O’Neill MIoL TMIET | Group Head of Engineering – Biffa

Recruit for Spouses

“The  FTG jobs fairs are a great way to get your what your company is about to the huge numbers of candidates who trust and attend online. No expensive train fairs to events where there are no roles to apply for, candidates get to see who is out there to support them and the companies involved all work collaboratively on a shared goal, to support the military and police forces community with advice, jobs and support. If you are a candidate, you will find an extensive network here within FTG from CV advice to family support and how to ask for feedback and if you are a company, you will guarantee a return with the numbers who attend without the costs of physical jobs fairs. Simple but very effective”

– Cerise Upham | Commercial Director Recruit for Spouses

Symposium IT

“I was fortunate enough to participate in The Forces Transition Group’s Online Job Fair, and I must say it was a truly exceptional event. The team at FTG did a fantastic job organising and coordinating the fair, providing job seekers with an excellent opportunity to connect with potential employers. As an employer, we were delighted to engage with so many talented and motivated individuals, including ex-police personnel who brought a wealth of valuable experience and skills to the table. The event was a great success, and we are grateful to have been a part of it. We look forward to continuing our partnership with The Forces Transition Group and supporting veterans in their transition to civilian life. Thanks to the FTG team for their hard work and dedication!”

– Joshua Ashton | Director Symposium IT


Having worked with the Forces Transition Group for a couple of years, and knowing the commitment of its founder and wider team, we have been delighted to be able to help support service leavers – whether this has been some CV advice, providing views at online jobfairs, connecting people to people we know in other companies or actually getting great people to join us at NSSLGlobal, being part of FTG has been well worth it – better value than normal recruiting methods, more focused, better aligned candidates and actually being part of a community to help people find their next career” 

– Neil Fraser | NSSL Director


Company X Consulting Ltd have had the privilege of working in partnership with John and the Forces Transition Group team since their inception, now progressing to become their Platinum Sponsor. John and his team fully align with our values and ethos to support the veteran community, as a company consisting of over 95% veterans. During our partnership with FTG we been able to assist over 10% of the annual Service Leavers as well as the wider veteran community, either through the regular online events, or follow up sessions with potential candidates who are interested in following a career path Consultancy. To date, FTG remain our largest source of high quality consultants, having interviewed nearly 100 candidates and provided advice and guidance to many others. We look forward to another exciting year working together and helping the community with advice and guidance regarding the consultancy market. Thank you John and Team for all you do. 

– Jon Carter | CXC Business Development Manager

Calling All Prospective Employers…

As a prospective employer, you’ll already know that recruiting ex-forces, service leavers and blue light personnel gives your organisation high calibre individuals with leadership, organisational, resilience and problem-solving skills already embedded and proven, often in critical environments.

The Forces Transition Group (FTG) exists to help military and blue light personnel transition smoothly to ‘civvy street’. The FTG Job Fairs are just part of the free service we provide to Forces Leavers and the likes. They also happen to be the perfect platform for you to hire amazing people and save £ thousands on your recruitment.

Two Great Options  To Become an FTG Online Job Fair Partner

Entry onto a single FTG Online Job Fair with exposure to hundreds of ex-forces, service leavers and blue light candidates.

You will have a presentation slot to showcase your company and opportunities with direct contact from interested personnel

(max 10 companies a month)

• Entry onto 4 FTG Online Job Fairs

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• Invitation to join 2 seasonal specials

Unlimited Job Adverts for 12 Months

FTG Online Job Board Advertising

Standard 60 day period. No tie-in contracts, cancel anytime!

Don’t have time to present at our Job Fairs? Just advertise your jobs with us for a dedicated high calibre Forces audience.

Advertiser Benefits

  • No Contract, cancel anytime
  • Low cost entry fee
  • Exclusive forces-leavers audience
  • Standard 60 day live advert, renew anytime
  • No middleman – direct contact from interested Forces personnel.
  • Includes FREE outbound advertising of your job vacancy via direct email.

FAQs for Exhibitors

What is the best way to present on an FTG Online Job Fair?

Working with our partners over the years of producing the FTG Online Job Fairs we’ve found that exmployers who use a 15% about company, 70% about jobs and salary with 15% for engagment Q&A have seen a higher number of quality applications and enquiries.

I've never presented before, what should I do?

We can help you with a 1-2-1 session where we talk you through the best way to present your company with the maximum engagement. Our presenters use a mixture of powerpoint presentation and speaking directly to the audience to get the best from the day.

Why should we hire from ex-forces and blue light candidates?

You should consider hiring ex-service and blue light candidates for your business due to the invaluable skills and qualities they bring to the table. These individuals have undergone rigorous training in disciplined environments, fostering strong work ethics, adaptability, and leadership capabilities.

Moreover, their experiences in high-pressure situations make them adept at problem-solving and decision-making. By welcoming ex-service and blue light candidates into their workforce, employers not only honour their commitment to public service but also gain employees who are dedicated, resilient, and capable of contributing positively to the company’s growth and success.

What kind of candidates are available via the FTG Online Job Fairs?

We provides access to ex-military personnel, blue light professionals, forces leavers, and their spouses for companies looking to hire. The candidates available through our services bring an array of exceptional qualities and skills. Their backgrounds in disciplined settings instil strong work ethics, adaptability, and leadership capabilities. Having navigated high-pressure scenarios, they possess well-honed problem-solving and decision-making skills. Opting to hire from our candidate pool enables employers to onboard dedicated, resilient individuals with a proven commitment to public service.

Can I book more than 4 places within a 12 month period?

Not at the moment – it’s imperative that we keep it fresh for our audience and if they see the same exhibitors all the time they will not be encouraged to return. The more audience we have, the better the result will be for you.

Do I have to book a sponsorship package to be able to book an exhibitor place?

No – Although we would love you to because the funds we raise here allow us to continue to offer great support, free of charge, to all forces personnel. In turn, you also get some great benefits and a discount off your exhibitor fee.

Do I have to guarantee an interview to any interested Forces Leavers?

Yes – but you can do a short initial ‘virtual’ interview to see if any candidate will be the right fit. The important thing here is not to make a first impression based on their CV.

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