FTG Annual Partnership


FTG Annual Partnership Benefits
• Entry onto 4 FTG Online Job Fairs
• Website Sponsorship Banner
• Company Profile Page & Enquiry Form
• Invitation to join 2 seasonal specials
• Unlimited Job Adverts for 12 Months

The FTG Online Job Fairs
Your chance to present your company’s current career opportunities to a high calibre audience before they become available on the open jobs market. The FTG Jobs Fairs are held online to a live audience of Forces Leavers and Veterans. Once you’ve presented and held a short Q&A session, stay online and interact live with interested career hunters. Swap contact details and take it forward from there. It’s that easy.

Please choose 4 different months. We recommend an even spread throughout the year for maximum exposure across all twelve months.

  • March Jobs Fair '24

  • April Jobs Fair '24

  • May Jobs Fair '24

  • June Jobs Fair '24

  • July Jobs Fair '24

  • September Jobs Fair '23

  • October Jobs Fair '23

  • November Jobs Fair '23

  • January Jobs Fair '24

  • February Jobs Fair '24

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