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The transition can be very hard if not navigated correctly. The FTG are here to help you find that next step in your journey with great tools like Online Job Fairs, CV writing, networking guides and making real connections with other service leavers.

Many people go through their service lives as ‘The Sleepwalker’, who has never taken ownership of the future and lacks direction to make decisions.

We’re here to wake the Sleepwalkers up and turn them into ‘The Hunter’, with a killer instinct to get what they deserve, moving forward daily with clear direction, to make those future decisions. Waking up every day to The Hunter Mentality will drive your success!

We’ve partnered with an ever growing list of employers who recognise the transferrable skills and keen mindset that service people have in abundance. These employers are invested in hiring forces leavers like you.

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Have you found success through the FTG?  Perhaps you’re transitioning now and have learnt a valuable trick that will help other service leavers? We want to hear from you – why not leave a legacy.

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