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The Forces Transition Group was founded by Veteran John Stephenson, who has made the challenging transition from long military service to civilian life. He himself struggled to find himself in the first couple of years, but has now found his direction and wants to help those in the same position, find theirs.

We are here to help you as much or as little as required. It is recommended you start planning your transition the day you begin your service and getting the 5 fundamentals right, will begin to steer you in the direction you desire and deserve.

Our team are mostly veterans and have learnt a great deal from both their personal transition into civilian employment and also by helping many others go through the process.

Our motto Serve Well, Leave Well and Flourish is now a brand on every service persons mind, simply because it works and our personal 121 service creates a trust and bond like no other.

The Force Four Training Centre is based at our Head Office in the South Midlands.

Our 20 years’ of experience in providing specialist Safety Training and Communications to high risk industries is now complimented by our Chartered Management Institute (CMI) range of Leadership and Management courses.

We are unique in that we have the full complement of specialists in-house, from Coaching Experts, Training Programme Designers and Culture & Values Architects to Brand Consultants and our very own, award winning Creative Digital Studio and film crew.

This enables us to look at every training or communications challenge from broader and more unexpected angles and means we can literally build solutions from the ground up, across all channels.

And we believe it’s more relevant for clients today than ever before.

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