The Hunters Club

The Hunters Club is designed around the Transition Curve, it’s a low-key cup of coffee to allow any issues to surface and those attending to discuss current problems being faced, within a safe environment.

It’s no holds barred, any points can be raised and there will be a special guest or two too add value to everything that is discussed

Being a service leaver I decided to ask for help from the FTG for my CVs, I was then offered both the Hunter Club coffee meeting and the LinkedIn Masterclass, the FTG are very understanding of the position we are in as service leavers and what we are going through. 

Pete Pollard

British Army

I stumbled across John and FTG on LinkedIn around 6 months ago. I followed him and FTG and immediately found that he has a wealth of experience in helping people to transition from the military, some of which, directly resulting from his own transition journey.

Jay Leslie


Thoroughly enjoyed the hunter coffee club. It was refreshing to find out people are feeling the exact same things I am, that it’s natural and part of the transitional process. Also the people who have already gone through the process giving their insight and experience. Special thanks to John Stephenson for getting me involved.

Paul Charlesworth

Royal Navy

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