A Live interactive session where you’ll have the opportunity to learn tools and techniques to best prepare you for your upcoming interview and gain real experience via our hot seat where you’ll be placed in a mock interview scenario and answer questions in front of others.

Nothing prepares you like reality! So if you’re serious about securing that next job role, you won’t want to miss this.

Take The Hot Seat: Interactive Interview Workshop

Calling Ex-Service and Blue Light Personnel

Are you ready to ace your next interview? Look no further! Our exclusive “Take The Hot Seat” workshop is designed just for you.

What Is It?

“Take The Hot Seat” is a live, interactive online session led by our seasoned professional interviewer, Michael Glassock. Whether you’re transitioning from the military, police, or any emergency services, this workshop is tailored to help you master the art of interviews.

What You’ll Gain:

  1. Practical Tools and Techniques: Learn proven strategies to prepare effectively for interviews. From body language to answering tough questions, we’ve got you covered.
  2. Real-world Experience: Step into the hot seat and participate in mock interview scenarios. Gain real-world insights and build confidence.
  3. Personalised Feedback: Receive constructive feedback from Michael Glassock himself. Discover your strengths and areas for improvement.

Why “Take The Hot Seat”?

Because nothing prepares you like reality. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your interview skills and boost your chances of landing that dream job.

How It Works:

  1. Sign Up: Reserve your spot for the next session.
  2. Join Online: Log in from anywhere – home, office, or on the go.
  3. Engage: Participate actively, ask questions, and learn from the best.
  4. Take The Hot Seat: Experience a realistic interview scenario.
  5. Walk Away Prepared: Armed with practical tools and newfound confidence.

Ready to Shine?

Don’t let interviews intimidate you. “Take The Hot Seat” and conquer your next career move!

Sign up below and secure your spot. Limited availability!

Meet Michael Glassock…

“Hi, I’m Michael. I’m a Career Transition Coach who helps driven professionals navigate successful Career Transitions and Embrace Fulfilling Careers.”

Michael Glassock Professional Interviewer and Transition Coach

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Live on Thursday 20th June @1300hrs

John Hawker – From Invisible to Irresistible

Recruiter, Maker of Matches, Hunter of Heads and Podcast Host John Hawker has written a playbook designed specifically for people looking to land a job or win work on LinkedIn.

‘Invisible to Irresistible’ outlines eeeeeverything you need to know to give yourself the best chance of being seen by the right clients, recruiters and hiring managers.

It’s a step by step guide that will ensure each section of your profile is optimised and that you’re left with an understanding of how to leverage LinkedIn to promote yourself or your business.

Click the image to the right to download John Hawker’s free playbook then find and follow him on LinkedIn.

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