June 2024 Presenter Contact Cards

It’s time to ‘Become The Hunter’, simply click on any of the exhibitor’s logos below to open their contact card and start that next step to a better transition. Each company have given you a few ways to get in touch, when you do reach out be sure to mention the FTG sent you and they’ll take care of you.

Remember, Serve Well, Leave Well & Flourish!

A few words from our Hunters…

I just wanted to give you an update, following your CV tweaks.  I secured 10 interviews with various companies, those interviews then led to 9 job offers.

The hardest bit is choosing which career to follow and to be honest I’ve still not fully decided.

Some are well paid, some are convenient, some will give a good work life balance. I can’t thank you and the FTG enough for the CV work and the job fairs where most of these interviews were secured.  Keep up the great work, you are a real asset to service leavers.

Andy S.
Former British

Just to let you know, I've been offered a very good salary, it's a substantial pay rise from what I was earning as a Cpl. I remembered your advice about asking for what you feel you're worth…


…so I just want to thank you again and when I have friends leaving the forces and they message asking for some advice, I'll be sure to send them your way aswell.

Daniel Coward
Former Army Corporal

'Become the hunter'

Since I got in touch with yourself way back in November those 3 words have stuck within me ever since. After a long but successful recruitment process i have landed myself an amazing role within an industry that excites me and a role I'm very much looking forward to.

I feel i owe it to you and just want to say a massive thank you for the time you took to develop not just my CV skills but also my personal skills and interview techniques. I feel like without the help from yourself i would still be on CV library putting a pretty bad CV everywhere.

Appreciate everything that you've done for myself but also how much of a help you are to other people transitioning from the Military.

Jamie McGregor
Former Royal Navy

I have just accepted a job offer for Alstom working on the trains and can I just say I'm absolutely over the moon, and I couldn't have done it without your help and guidance. I have felt quite let down by the Army's system, and if it wasn't for you there's no way I would've got the job!

I can't recommend you and the FTG enough.

Jack Lewis
Former REME Corporal

If I had received your expertise when I went through resettlement I might not have felt the way I did upon leaving.

What you do is essential for anyone leaving the military and I will do my utmost to promote that.

Rebecca Clulow
Former Royal Air Force

After what seemed like the longest hour of my life, the interview ended, and........

They've offered me a contract! To top my day off even more, I've been called to  interview for a second company after also sending them my CV on a whim.

I just wanted to say that, if it wasn't for your help in getting my CV up to scratch and that interview paperwork you sent me, then I wouldn't have been offered this job or even got my foot in the door with their recruiter in the first place…

Thanks again John!

Ben Bushell
Former Royal Engineers

I must say finding you and your network has been extremely beneficial. I sincerely mean this and not saying it because we are talking one on one. You bring us all together and get us in a room stood in front of employers who have a genuine interest in employing us.
The LinkedIn master class, CV 121 and Job fairs give us the tools to go out to civvy street armed with the knowledge we are employable and valuable to a myriad of companies. You change us from forces to civilian equivalent with the transferable skills we may not know we had.

Ben Petrie
Former Royal Navy

I just wanted to take the opportunity to thankyou for all your time and help with my CV and for allowing me to attend the workshops. I went for my first interview back end of summer and got my first offer. They key for me was to remember that I am good and I can do it, something I have never thought of before prior to speaking to you. I honestly cannot thankyou enough and what you do is invaluable. I am out the Army in 6 weeks when I start my new role and very excited about my next chapter.

Melanie Vernon
Former Army Cyber Security Specialist

I just wanted to let you know I have accepted a job offer to start in the new year!

My stats were 5 Job Applications with 5 CVs Sent; 5 Interviews, 3 Job Offers. Not a bad strike rate and I have no doubt the FTG fundamentals helped to shape my transition period and subsequent success.

Kris K
Former Royal Air Force

Just wanted to let you know I've secured a new role to start in Sep 23. I'll be forever grateful for your support along the way. Your 121 CV masterclass set me up for success at the start of my 12 month plan and the guidance and advice you gave, and in the manner delivered, was exactly what I needed to dispel myths and build my confidence. Keep doing what you're doing! All the best with the future of FTG.

J Broadhurst
Former British Army

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Terri Moloney


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More Great Free Services From Forces Transition Group…

The Hunters Club

The Hunters Club is designed around the Transition Curve, it’s a low-key cup of coffee to allow any issues to surface and those attending to discuss current problems being faced, within a safe environment.

It’s no holds barred, any points can be raised and there will be a special guest or two, to add value to everything that is discussed.

LinkedIn Masterclass


Learning outcomes:

  • How to navigate LinkedIn and find potential career paths
  • Guidance on how to enhance your LinkedIn Profile to get you noticed
  • Looking at your transferable skills and how to translate them
  • Connection strategies, who should you connect with and how do you
    grow that link into a powerful connection
  • How to use your personal network to grow your career

FAQs for Hunters

Do I need a CV for the Forces Transition Group job fair?

No – you can attend even if you have not got around to sorting out your CV. You will still be able to interact directly with potential employers during the job fair.

(Top Tip – it’s always a good idea to get your CV prepared anyway. If you need help with this just get in touch with us here)

I cannot make the online Jobs Fair, will it be repeated?

Not exactly – we try to make each job fair fresh and exciting by showcasing new employers that have not exhibited before, so only a handful of key exhibitors are invited to return. Some exhibitors choose to have their presentation permanently on the job fairs website so you can return anytime to view those.

I've already left the forces, can I attend the job fair?

Yes, if you ever served within the forces, this is for you.

Can I attend the job fair if I have not started my transition?

Yes you can – many ‘in-service’ Forces personnel attend our job fairs as it helps them identify career paths that they may not have thought of.

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